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hell fuckin' yeah!
and other than that note, everything else is shit.



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how im staying busy.

this saturday is the first fundraiser event for this year's infringement festival. It is something i always wanted to be involved in but with work hours as they were it was impossible. now that im not funeral directing anymore, nor working anything else, i am getting involved. (not to mention an idle mind always leads me to fuck my life up)

$5 cover. Come check it out. :)

Love Never Dies..... shhhhhh.

Not mine but sharing anyways, shhhhh!!!!!!!!

Yes, I believe it is a fact they are singing at the opening of a massive prehistoric Giger vagina.

Love Never Dies??? Actually, it probably does.Collapse )
i should probably just cross post, but instead im making a seperate blog for what i am about to embark on. ill still update this with private immature nonsense, but take a look at this once in a while:


the next 6 hours are going to be brutal.

Sep. 16th, 2009

who the fuckz has myspace still??????
add me!!!!!

this will be deleted or edited by sunrise, fyi.

**already edited. yikes**

Sep. 7th, 2009

This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top.

it's a party.

and everyones invited.
(trust me, the party itself wont be as boring as this invite. that's why i have no energy for a fun invitation.)

everyone should come. more than welcome to bring people. but i DO appreciate rsvps. :D

Mar. 5th, 2009

the flash destroyed the picture i was holding so i shittily photoshopped it in. you get the point.

obviously the one on the left is me today. i found that picture in my car, oddly enough. i figured out that it was from when i was being licensed i had to send a picture in to the state, so that was like..... 9ish months ago. And appearantly I was too fat to brush my hair or something.

need i say more besides i nearly lulzed my way into a ditch driving?